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Why We Love Print Instagram Photos (And You Should, Too!)

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 14, 2016 8:40:06 AM / by Ana Sordo

Ana Sordo

To print or not to print Instagram photos...

Raise your hand if you feel Instagram is your favourite social media app ever? Yeap... I knew we will be friends fast. No we it's time to take our love above even beyond to print Instagram photos. 

Instagram, for peeps like you and I, has become so important in our lifes not only because it added a new the way to express ourselves, in addition to some posts and tweets; thanks to this app, we discover, or better yet, unwrapped, this hidden talent, unattended hoobie and passion we knew we had before but we were not really investing enough time on it, people call it, the love for photography.

Guilty of charge, I've honed my expertise on filters, lighting tools, the use of perspective, shadows, contrast (you name it!). My smartphone is now out of memory not only from the amount of photos I've taken, but also due to the so many additional apps I've downloaded to make my photos even better. 

By the moment I click share, I am actually fund for the final result. I enjoy seeing how my little piece performs in social media, how it looks on my overview page and fits perfectly into my gallery. I also like to see how others connect to it and share their own pieces around, but there is something missing, all this magic and joy that creating and sharing this pieces brign us it's lacking of that last.. let's call it... closure. I've reached out many times to my fellow insta-photographers (yes, that's how we call each other), and we share the same feelings, in one of our multiple conversations it was actually @HubPhoto who actually said:

"Our phones turned into a gene's bottle, once you don't have it in your hands, the magic is gone" Tweet this.

To print Instagram photos became a solution for us to take our best pieces out of that gene bottle, bring them back to life, make them real.

When we grew up, printing photos was a hustle, but don't get confused here, to print Instagram photos today hasn't turned out to be the easy piece of pay you would expect with all this technology around us. Even today quality is not guaranteed and it can still take some time, (I am looking at you Staples).

As passionate insta-photographer I put together the list with the best online solutions to print Instagram photos depending on your needs. Take a look, try them out and leave me your comments! I would love to know about new solutions out there!


The 3 best online solutions to print Instagram photos

Small (and fun!) format: I am so attracted to this one... literally. Meet Sticky9 they will take your order right out of the app and will deliver to your door as many photos as you like, ready for your fridge to enjoy! Great gifts for grandma's and bachelorettes.


A walk to remember: For that trip, honey moon, or event strip you created in your Instagram account, Chatbooks is for you. Easy to use and the finish is simple and gracious. 


Wall art: what best to hang in your walls your own art? MyEpicPhoto is a great option to pring in larger formats and high quality because your photos are your own art, your own story and your own expressions.


To contempalte, to enjoy, to share, to tell our story, that's why we like so much getting great pictures, and just like art our personal relationship between you and that piece is intimate and deep, and just like art, you will enjoy contemplating it even more outside the gene's bottle.


These are my favourite options to print Instagram photos, let me know yours! Oh and if you want to learn more about to make your photos even better, DOWNLOAD FOR FREE THIS GUIDE ON HOW TO TAKE BETTER PHOTOS!


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Ana Sordo

Written by Ana Sordo

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